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we help leaders and managers use technology and soft skills to better engage with their clients and their people

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The ‘Digital Revolution’ is leading to significant changes in the way that accounting and advisory firms manage their work, their people and their clients.

We help the leaders and managers of these firms use leading technology and strong communication skills to really engage with their clients and make work a lot more interesting and rewarding for their people.

Dale Crosby has conducted training sessions and workshops to accounting firms in more than 100 areas of focus relevant to accounting firms, including practice strategy, workflow management, client relationship management, team development, sales and marketing.

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Dale Crosby

About Dale Crosby*

Dale Crosby has been working closely with accounting firms throughout Australia and New Zealand for the past 15 years. He is passionate about helping staff of accounting firms really engage with their work, their clients and with the people around them. Focus is on the development and integration of advisory services and transitional strategies to maximise the ‘value of the deal’ for firms involved in merger or acquisition. Dale is also a Director of For Accountants Pty Ltd and a Senior Advisor with MergeAssist Pty Ltd

“I’m passionate about working closely with accounting and advisory firms to improve their performance. I particularly enjoy working with professional firms to develop the strongest possible relationship with their clients through the development and implementation of business and financial advisory services.”