Earn your Accounting CPD Points

Need to earn CPD points and update your knowledge?


HTST’s eLearning courses are designed for busy accounting and advisory professionals working in public practice. All courses are eligible for Accounting CPD Points.

  • All our courses have been specifically developed for accountants, administrators, managers, advisors and leaders in public practice.
  • All examples and case studies refer to real life situations experienced in a professional service environment.
  • All our courses have specific learning objectives and practical assessment tasks. They can be linked directly to your professional development goals.
  • A CPD Certificate will be provided on successful completion of your course.

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The Young Accountant | 16 modules 

In this course, we’ll show your accountants how to look beyond the numbers – to develop core skills of effective communication, workflow management, client relationship management, team collaboration and personal time and task management. We will demonstrate how they can show curiosity about numbers and clients to drive innovation in your firm, rather than simply acting as number crunchers. We’ll help them to really engage with people, be more proactive and take responsibility for their time and their work.

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The Proactive Manager | 16 modules 

In this course, we’ll help your managers to identify their core strengths and professional development pathway in relation to workflow management, clients, team development and business development activities. We’ll outline the essential steps that effective compliance and advisory managers need to take now and in the future to achieve strong results for your firm. This course is essential for both compliance and advisory managers looking to get to the next level with their capabilities and experience.

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Beyond The Numbers | 8 Modules 

In this course, we will take your accountants and managers through a step by step process of developing their analytical skills through a strong curiosity about the numbers. We will use practical examples to guide your accountants through the process of asking the right questions about the numbers in front of them. We will explain how these insights into the clients’ world can be used to create leads and drive new business in your firm. An essential course for accountants who want to develop their analytical skills.

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The Proactive Business Coach | 10 Modules 

As experienced business professionals, you have access to lots of resources and a proven set of systems and tools to help clients understand the financials. However, for accountants to really succeed in the advisory world, they need to do more than provide information. They need to assist and guide their business clients in the implementation process.In this course, we’ll  show you how to use technology and soft skills together in a way that adds value well beyond traditional accounting work.

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Team Coaching for Managers | 8 Modules 

This course gives managers a greater understanding of the key steps involved in coaching team members to improve performance. We’ll show how different behavioural and motivational styles have a real impact on the effectiveness of day to day team coaching. We’ll explain the critical importance of active listening in the coaching process as an essential step in giving staff a clear sense of responsibility for their actions. Clear learning objectives and assessment tasks will help your managers develop these essential skills.

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Build Your Fee Base | 12 Modules 

This course is designed to help managers and partners of accounting and advisory firms develop the confidence and skills to be more proactive in growing the business. We will provide specific step-by-step guidelines to help you identify your personal professional brand and service focus, get outside your ‘compliance’ service mindset and develop client relationships and professional networks for revenue growth. We’ll help you set specific business growth targets and overcome issues and roadblocks to success.

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Client Connect | 12 Modules 

Client management is no longer the responsibility of client managers and partners. Everyone in the firm involved with client work (including accountants, administrators, advisors, managers and partners) should take personal responsibility for the role they play in managing client expectations and delivery of services. Over 12 online modules, we’ll provide the structure to help your team develop a clear and consistent approach to client service, supported by systems, processes and behavioural guidelines.

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Client Service Administrator | 12 Modules

The modern accounting and advisory practice requires a high level of administrative support to free up the capacity and expertise of specialist advisors. No-where is this seen more than in the role that administrative teams are taking in managing client relationships and workflow. This course is designed to help administrative teams take control of their roles in relation to (1) client service and support, (2) workflow and task management and (3) teamwork and collaboration.

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Marketing Administrator | 12 Modules 

Who’s driving the marketing for your firm? Where is the accountability for results? Do you have a formal marketing plan in place? The Marketing Administrator course is designed to help administrators responsible for the coordination of marketing to take control of both the strategic and operational elements necessary for effective marketing activities. This 12 part course will guide you in establishing roles, responsibilities and expectations, setting goals and implementing actions for growth.

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Pricing Policies for Professional Firms | 10 Modules 

How effective is your firm at setting, getting and managing price? Are decisions made on a collaborative or ad hoc basis? Does your firm have a pricing policy? This course is designed to help accounting and advisory firms develop and implement pricing policies relevant to the needs of their clients. Focus will be on (a) setting the price (defining the right price), (b) getting the price (negotiate the value of service), (c) managing the price (deliver services efficiently) and (d) reviewing the price (continual improvement).

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