Build Your Fee Base – A Guide to Fee Growth for Managers and Partners

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TopicBuild Your Fee Base – A Guide to Fee Growth for Managers and Partners

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PlatformSelf-paced online course
Number of learning modules12
Recommended pace1 module per week
CPD hours24
ContentRecorded presentations
2 x 1:1 online coaching sessions
Powerpoint notes and slideshow
Assessment tasks and quizes
Availability12 months following registration
Reporting Manager access to reports on registrant progress at any time

Course fee:

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AU$700 + GST per individual, until 30th November 2018AU$900 + GST per individual


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Course outline

The Path to Partnership requires more than just a focus on workflow management and client relationships. It’s essential that senior managers of professional firms are able to grow their fee base by identifying opportunities to add value to existing clients and using their networks to attract new clients.

A focus on fee growth can be one of the most challenging skills to master, especially when the focus in early years of professional development has been on the acquisition of technical skills and competence.

What are the firm’s expectations of you in relation to fee growth? Do your KPIs include a reference to ‘business growth’ activities? Do you feel confident in taking a leading role in helping your firm to achieve its financial goals? For managers aspiring to partnership, demonstration of business growth skills is an essential pre-requisite.

How effective is your firm at setting, getting and managing price? Are decisions made on a collaborative or ad hoc basis? Does your firm have a pricing policy?

HTST has developed a 12 part online learning course to help the managers and partners of accounting and advisory firms develop the confidence and skills to be more proactive in selling the firm’s services to prospects and clients.

We will provide specific step-by-step guidelines to help you identify your personal professional brand and service focus, get outside your ‘compliance’ service mindset and develop client relationships and professional networks for growth.

At the commencement of the course, we’ll help you set some specific business growth targets. As the course proceeds, we’ll work with you to address issues and roadblocks to success in achieving your growth targets.

Course modules – View brochure for further information

1.      Establish your personal business growth plan
2.      Find your personal professional brand and service focus
3.      How to get outside your compliance comfort zone
4.      How to build enduring client relationships for growth
5.      Maximise the opportunity for active client referrals
6.      Keys to getting prospects across the line with new fees
7.      Power and influence in leveraging networks
8.      Work with colleagues to identify opportunities
9.      Develop external cross-referral relationships
10.  Effective online networking strategies for professionals
11.  Make time for business development activities
12.  Your BD monitoring and measurement process+ Two 1:1 online coaching sessions with our experts (following Modules 3 and 10)

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for the managers, partners or principals of any accounting or advisory firm keen to develop their personal business growth skills.

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Dale Crosby

Dale Crosby

Dale is passionate about helping the people of accounting and advisory firms use technology to really engage with their clients and their colleagues.
Dale Crosby