Good clients, bad clients: How to manage them professionally

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Managing clients is a tricky business. Some clients are interested in many accounting and advisory services and pay on time. Others use just one or two services, but still bring in reasonable profit. And then there are the clients that complain constantly and demand a level of service that they won’t pay for.

Every firm wants more good clients and fewer bad clients; however, it’s a fact of professional life that every firm has a mixture of clients. It’s how both client types are managed in a proactive way that determines your ability to focus on activities that generate growth and profit for your firm.

In this 2 part online course, we’ll explore the 7 key steps that ALL your people should consider to take control of their client relationships.

  1. Establish service levels linked to client needs and their ability to pay
  2. Use client psychographic and behavioural profiles to respond appropriately
  3. Deal effectively with client complaints and issues to avoid bushfires
  4. Segment services to give clients options in relation to workflow and fees
  5. Explore ways to really add value to clients with opportunity for growth
  6. Take responsibility for proactive communication with clients
  7. Know what to do when a client is just too difficult to manage effectively

This 2 part eLearning course is suitable for all administrative and technical staff involved in managing client relationships.

A workbook will be provided, along with PowerPoint Notes.
All content is available for 12 months following registration.
Professional development: this course is worth 2 CPD hours

Course Fee: AU$150 + GST

Dale Crosby

Dale Crosby

Dale is passionate about helping the people of accounting and advisory firms use technology to really engage with their clients and their colleagues.
Dale Crosby