The Proactive Manager – An Essential Course for Compliance and Advisory Managers

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Topic The Proactive Manager – An Essential Course for Compliance and Advisory Managers

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PlatformSelf-paced online course
Number of learning modules16
Recommended pace1 module per week
CPD hours32
ContentRecorded presentations (45 min)
Powerpoint notes and slideshow
Assessment tasks and quizes
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Course outline

As accounting firms move from a dominant focus on compliance in the work they do with clients to a focus on both compliance and advisory skills, the role of manager has never been more critical.

Two types of managers are evolving in public practice, the first with the experience and ability to managing compliance work efficiently and the second with the desire and interest to transition to a stronger advisory focus. Both roles are extremely important in progressive accounting firms.

Are your managers more suited to compliance or advisory work? What are you doing to develop their skills and capabilities to take on these increasingly specialised roles?

In this new 16 part online course, we’ll help your managers to identify their core strengths and professional development pathway. We’ll outline the essential steps that effective compliance and advisory managers need to take now and in the future to achieve strong results for your firm.

This course is essential for both compliance and advisory managers looking to get to the next level in capabilities and experience.  We’ll challenge your perceptions and behaviours and explain best-practice guidelines for workflow and client relationship management at a compliance and advisory level.

Each module incorporates a presentation, support notes, a workbook and assessment tasks linked to specific learning objectives. Track progress and review your personal SMART action plan as you work through the 16-part eLearning course.

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Your future as a manager in public practice
1.      The 4Q approach to management – workflow, team, clients and growth
2.      Uncover your strengths and motivated abilities as managerThe compliance manager in public practice
3.      Effective use of capacity to leverage compliance workflow
4.      Key steps to improve compliance productivity and turnaround timeThe advisory manager in public practice
5.      The role and responsibilities of advisory manager
6.      Keys to transition from compliance to advice as a managerClient management for proactive managers
7.      How to set and manage client service excellence standards
8.      Management of scope of work and fee for serviceTeam management for proactive managers
9.      Evolution from doer to manager and leader of people
10.  Keys to drive behavioural change in your team

Workflow management for proactive managers
11.  Workflow management essentials for proactive managers
12.  Key principles of effective project management for advisors

Growth and business development for proactive managers
13.  Client discovery and needs analysis techniques for advisors
14.  Getting clients across the line with advisory services

Measurement and reporting for compliance and advisory managers
15.  Essential KPIS for compliance and advisory managers
16.   Develop your own measurement and reporting process

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers and partners wishing to specialise in a compliance or advisory role within an accounting firm.

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Dale Crosby

Dale Crosby

Dale is passionate about helping the people of accounting and advisory firms use technology to really engage with their clients and their colleagues.
Dale Crosby