The Young Accountant – A 16 Part E-Learning Course for Progressive Accountants

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TopicThe Young Accountant – Preparing accountants for a future in public practice

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PlatformSelf-paced online course
Number of learning modules16
Recommended pace1 module per week
CPD hours32
ContentRecorded presentations
Powerpoint notes and slideshow
Assessment tasks and quizes
Availability12 months following registration
Reporting Manager access to reports on registrant progress at any time


Course fee:

Earlybird feeNot currently available
Standard feeAU$800 +GST per registrant


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Course outline

University and postgraduate training should have prepared your accountants for life in the new public practice environment, right?

The future of public practice accounting is looking quite different to the environment and culture that current managers and leaders of firms experienced when they first came into the industry.

Young accountants today are taking on more responsibility for both workflow and client management, allowing more experienced accountants to focus on financial analysis and advice to clients. Accountants need to be strong communicators as well as good analysts.

HTST has developed a 16-part online learning course to help accelerate the process of learning key soft skills required to work as an accountant in public practice.

We’ll show your young accountants how to look beyond the numbers – to develop core skills of effective communication, workflow management, client relationship management, team collaboration and personal time and task management.

We’ll demonstrate how they can show curiosity about numbers and clients to drive innovation in your firm, rather than simply acting as number crunchers.

We’ll help them to engage with the people around them, become more proactive and take responsibility for their time and their work.

Course modules – View the brochure for further information

1.      How to get real value out of this program
2.      The new world of public practice accounting
3.      How to take control of personal workflow
4.      Core actions to effectively engage with clients
5.      How to work collaboratively with business colleagues
6.      How to take control of projects, tasks and activities
7.      Develop your skills of enquiry and analysis
8.      Your personal action plan for the future

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for accountants with up to 5 year’s experience in public practice.

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Dale Crosby

Dale Crosby

Dale is passionate about helping the people of accounting and advisory firms use technology to really engage with their clients and their colleagues.
Dale Crosby