You’ve Been Framed! How to refresh and reframe client relationships

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It’s often said that the easiest way to increase revenue is to provide more services to existing clients. In reality, many firms find that this is not the case.

One of the most challenging issues facing accounting firms trying to adopt a stronger advisory focus with their existing clients is the perception that existing clients have of their acountant.

Often, it’s a lot easier to show a new client what you can do that to convince an existing client that you can provide more support than they are currently receiving.

Some clients certainly want more than tax compliance services, but most see their accountant as the tax expert. It can be really difficult to reframe the client’s perception of their accountant.

In this special 2 part eLearning course, we’ll explore the success (or otherwise) that accounting firms are having refreshing and reframing client relationships through

  1. A clear value proposition
  2. A new firm name and brand
  3. A new website presence
  4. A formal re-engagement process
  5. Thought leadership content
  6. Client renewal conversations
  7. Online marketing strategies
  8. Development of service levels
  9. Introduction of new services
  10. A new client service charter

Which of these actions help the most in reframing client perceptions … and which should only be considered as a last resort? We’ll rank these actions from most to least successful in practice and discuss the reasons for the results.

We’ll also explain the steps required to refresh relationships so that you can add value to existing clients beyond tax and accounting.

Program Fee: AU $150.00 + GST for both sessions

  • This program includes a workbook, PowerPoint slides and support material
  • Professional development – Eligible for 2 CPD hours
  • Access for 12 months following registration
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Dale Crosby

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